Exploring Jordanelle’s Winter Trails: The Best Hikes for All Levels

Are you looking for winter hikes that offer stunning views and a challenge? The Jordanelle area is the perfect spot to explore! Jordanelle offers several trails of varying difficulty, making it an ideal spot for hikers of all levels.

Whether you venture out on the Jordanelle Parkway trail or get your sweat on climbing up to SkyRidge Peak, there are lots of options out there for you to explore no matter what your skill level is. We’ve selected a few of our favorite hikes for you to enjoy.

Wada Way trail marker in the winter

Easy Hike:

Wada Way

If you are looking for a scenic but fairly easy hike, we would recommend the “Wada Way” hike at the Ross Creek Trailhead. Ross Creek Trailhead is the perfect spot to park your car off SR-248 near Hideout. There’s a small entrance fee of either $10 ($5 for seniors) or If you intend to enjoy State Parks and their recreational activities frequently, an annual pass is an ideal option for you!


Jordanelle’s “Wada Way” hike is a great choice for hikers of all levels the route boasts relatively flat trails through sagebrush flats that provide delightful views of the lake and Deer Valley Resort. Located at the Ross Creek Trailhead, this 1.85-mile loop offers stunning views of Jordanelle Reservoir with Deer Valley and Mount Timpanogos in the background. It provides just enough challenge to make it interesting without being too daunting, making it perfect for novice hikes or snowshoers, or those looking for an easy but rewarding winter trail experience. The best way to access Wada Way is to enter the State Park in the Ross Creek area and park at the top at the Ross Creek Trailhead parking. Depending on the day, snow shoes might be required, or just snow boots with yak tracks.

More Difficult Hike:

SkyRidge Peak Trail

If you are looking for a more difficult hike, we’d recommend the SkyRidge Peak Trail.  This newly minted trail was installed a few years ago during the development of SkyRidge and the Jordanelle Parkway.  This route is an out-and-back and covers approximately 4.5 miles while gaining 875 feet in elevation through switchbacks and gradual ascents along large stretches of open terrain until you reach scrub just below the peak where some shade can be found. This lovely hike provides insane views of the lake and Deer Valley and at some points back into Park City.


When heading to tackle SkyRidge Peak, park at the small roadside lot located off of Jordanelle Parkway. Once you’re parked and ready to go, follow all signs along the trailhead until you reach the peak. When approaching the top of a hill while hiking up, take a right onto a steeper yet more finished path for your final stretch towards SkyRidge Peak!

More Options at the South End

Wile E. Canyon Loop

Looking for something more towards Heber?  Explore Wile E. Canyon Loop! This 3.8-mile loop trail offers an invigorating adventure and can be found off of SR32 before Benloch Ranch. Ranked at a moderate difficulty level, The trail will typically be completed in just under an hour and a half –the perfect amount of time to take it all in while enjoying some solitude too! Throw on your snowshoes and embark on this Invigorating trek- it promises a diverse, rewarding experience! From open spaces of sagebrush to groves of Gamble Oak trees, Maple and Aspen forests to barren rock shelves – You’ll find yourself captivated by amazing sights… The distance from the parking lot is just under 4 miles round trip; however if you take Leghorn Cutoff road then that reduces down to simply 3 miles!

Jordanelle offers several trails of varying difficulty, making it an ideal spot for hikers of all levels.

Aerial view of the Jordanelle in the winter with snow and ice

No matter your experience level, Jordanelle has something for you. Pack your hiking gear and get ready to explore Jordanelle’s winter trails! Before embarking on any Park City winter trail, it is important to take certain precautions for your safety. First and foremost, make sure you are adequately prepared for whatever weather conditions you may encounter. Park City’s winter trails can be unpredictable—it is important to dress in layers and have proper footwear so that you stay warm and dry.

It is also a good idea to let someone know where you are going, what time you expect to arrive, and when you plan on returning.

Lastly, Park City’s trails can be difficult to navigate during the winter months. Trails may be covered in snow or icy and it is essential to stick to marked paths and use good judgement. Mountain Trails has plenty of helpful resources online for trail descriptions and maps. It is also a good idea to bring a friend along who knows the area! Looking to connect with others in our community? Check out the Jordanelle Community page on Facebook, we’d love to see you there!

Image of SkyRidge Peak with snow just outside of Park City, Utah at the Jordanelle Reservoir
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