Nightly Rentals Around the Jordanelle

The ability to short term rent or “nightly rent” your home at the Jordanelle varies per subdivision or community.  Below is a chart detailing each community–While we have filled this out to the best of our knowledge, HOA and municipalities can change the rules, so be sure to double check with the appropriate authorities if this is important to you purchase!
Community NameNightly Rentals AllowedLocationNumber of UnitsGatedAvailable Options:
Black Rock Ridge Real EstateYNorth342NTownhomes, Condos
Black Rock Mountain Resort & Luxury Condos Real EstateYNorth193NCondo Hotel
Deer Mountain Real EstateNEast157NSingle Family Homes, Townhomes, Lots
Deer Springs Real Estate, Hideout UtahYNorth East233NTownhomes, Condos
Deer Vista Real EstateNNorth East103NSingle Family Homes, Lots
Deer Waters Resort Real EstateNNorth East112NSingle Family Homes, Townhomes
Fox Bay Real EstateYWest132NCondo
Golden Eagle Real EstateYHideout392NSingle Family Homes, Lots
Hailstone Real EstateYWest36NTownhomes, Condos
Rustler at Hideout Canyon Real EstateNHideout174NSingle Family Homes, Townhomes, Lots
Klaim Real EstateYHideout88NTownhomes
Lodge at Stillwater Real EstatetYWest85NCondo Hotel
Mayflower Park CityYWest200+NTownhomes, Condos
Park East Real EstateNNorth19NCommercial
Parks Edge Real EstateYNorth126NTownhomes
River View Real EstateNSouth200+NSingle Family Homes, Townhomes, Lots
Rustler at Hideout Canyon Real EstateNHideout70NTownhomes
Shoreline Real EstateNHideout200++NTownhomes, Condos
Shores at Stillwater Real EstateYWest63NTownhomes
SkyRidge Real EstateYNorth485NSingle Family Homes, Lots
Soaring Hawk Real EstateNHideout154NSingle Family Homes, Lots
Star Harbour Estates Real EstateNWest35NSingle Family Homes, Lots
Retreat at Jordanelle/Park’s Edge/Wasatch Springs TrailsYNorth138NTownhomes
Tuhaye Real EstateNEast750+YSingle Family Homes, Cabins, Lots
Victory Ranch Real EstateNSouth East350+NSingle Family Homes, Cabins, Lots
Village at the ShoreYWest48NCondos
Wasatch Springs Real EstateYNorth88NTownhomes
Benloch Ranch Real EstateYSouth2000+YSingle Family Homes, Cabins, Townhomes, Condos, Lots